Old Photo Restoration Service

Ripped photo of couple on wedding day.
Repaired photo of couple on wedding day.

Family photo repair, old photo restoration and enhancement by experienced photo restorers.

Most people have old photographs which have become faded and worn out over the years and need help from a photo restoration service. Photos exposed to light will continue to fade until colors and detail start to disappear completely. Now is the time to convert your most prized photo memories to digital. Once converted to digital and restored, new prints can be made. The newly created digital files act as replacement negatives which will never deteriorate.

convert old black & white photos to color.

scan slides and archive them to DVD for easy viewing and access.

restoring family genealogy photos or even special snapshots is a great way to re-connect with the past.

restored images are great gift ideas for anniversaries, family re-unions, birthdays. Etc..

all you need to access our photo restoration service is a scanner and email.

our photo repair and enhancement service is fully guaranteed.

Our restoration process involves adjusting contrast, sharpness, and fixing color fade. Missing detail areas are replaced and all scratches and dust spots are removed. In short, we do whatever is required to produce the best possible results.

All photos sent to us by mail for repair are treated with care and returned safely. Send us a copy of a photo by email and receive the finished product back the same way or by mail if ordering prints.

Not all photos can be successfully restored but we have a very good track record.

Give us a try!!

The simplified process starts with you sending us a photo by email for review:

Scan photos in color at 300 to 600 dpi – high quality jpeg
Send scans by email or mail your photos to us
Receive a firm no-obligation price quote by email
Receive a proof by email for review and approval
Pay for the service by Paypal or mail us a check
Receive fully repaired photos by email and or prints by mail.

Ripped photo of baby.
Repaired photo of baby.



Software is used to repair digital copies (scans) of old photos which have damage or fading caused by handling or exposure to light over the years. The restoration process is labour intensive due to the fact that each and every defect is dealt with manually. For example, dust spots and scratches are removed one defect at a time for best results. Prices are based on the amount of time required for the restoration project. Quantity discounts are available.

Our basic photo restoration service includes the automatic application of simple enhancements such as clutter removal and horizon straightening where practical.

Every photo restoration consists of repairing and or adjusting the following as required:

dust spots
missing sections
color loss
color shifts
mildew spots
water spots


Many photos can benefit from some amount of enhancement. It could be as simple as straightening the horizon and removing some clutter, or as complicated as removing or adding a person to a photo. Both old and new photos can benefit.

Sometimes a snapshot taken only yesterday in a hurry does not turn out as well as expected. In many cases we can help to improve the image.

Black & White photos can be converted to color by the tinting process.

facial blemishes can be reduced or removed
combine two photos into one where practical
remove a person or persons from a photo
add a person or persons to a photo
remove distracting items such as a pole growing out of the subjects head
remove or reduce eye glass glare cause by flash


Most people have a large collection of photos, slides and negatives stored in albums or boxes. The photographic medium is not stable and can deteriorate over the years. You just have to take a good look at some of your photos hanging on the wall to see that older photos lose detail and suffer from color loss or color shift over time.

When is the last time you looked at your collection of photos or slides?

Slides can be digitized and saved to DVD. Once this is done, they are protected from further decay and can be easily viewed on your TV as a sideshow.


Pricing Structure
Photo restoration fees are based on the number of hours required to complete the work. Our price quotes represent an honest estimate of the amount of work involved to obtain the best possible results.

* we always enhance the resolution of small pictures (by using Perfect Resize software), to ensure that they print better in larger formats.

* we always remove dust, scratches, and minor defects even though these faults may not be noticeable at normal viewing distances. We don’t want anything to adversely affect the final print quality.


Simple Restoration or Volume Discounts

Photo is in very good condition – needs only a few very minor repairs or enhancements. Ask for a quote.

One or two scratches or spots.
Very minor retouching (red-eye or blemish removal).
Very minor color, brightness and contrast adjustments.

Standard Restoration $1,000.00 to $2,000.00

Photo is in good to poor condition and needs a number of repairs or enhancements.

Minor facial features damaged.
Moderate scratches or surface cracking.
Small areas significantly damaged or missing.
Paper wrinkling over some important detail.
Moderate mold or water damage.

Major Restoration $2,500.00 +

Photo is in very poor to very bad condition and needs extensive repair or enhancement.

Sections of photo missing or significantly damaged.
Missing important detail in face or body area.
Severe mold and or water damage.
Severe or numerous scratches and or surface cracking.
Severe fading, yellowing or staining.


Colorization $1,000.00 +

Colorize a black and white photo. Price is in addition to any applicable restoration fees.

Price depends on the amount of detail needed to be colorized (ie. the number of people/amount of background detail). Send an email copy for us to review.

Special Alterations $5,000.00 +

Removal of objects and or people.
Adding objects and or people (from two different photos).
Replacement of backgrounds. Price is in addition to any applicable restoration fees.

Slides and Photo Archiving Service

We can digitize and archive your photo collection and slides to CD or DVD for safe keeping and easy viewing. $3,000 for up to 200 photos.

More information and prices

Archival quality print prices:

4″x6″ = $300.00 each

5″x7″ = $500.00 each (printed centered on 8″x10″ photo paper)

8″x10″ = $600.00 each

Free shipping to the U.S.A. and Canada by regular mail.

You can also order 11″x14″, 11″x17″, or 13″x19″ prints (glossy paper only). The first print costs $200.00 which includes the cost of an oversized mailing tube and the extra shipping fees to the U.S.A. and Canada. Additional prints are $120.00 each – Not recommended for small poor quality photos. Most old photos print better at 8″x10″ or less.

Note: We use professional Epson printers, archival inks and papers, for long lasting good looking prints.

We use semi-gloss or satin paper for prints up to 8×10 unless the customer specifies the paper finish to be used.

About Us

Image Master was started as a photo retouching service in 1998 by Gerald Legere. Through his interest in all things photographic he decided to restore and archive the family photo collection to CD and thereby preserve the memories. As a result of this project he learned how to restore photos using Photoshop. He realized that there must be a real need for such a service which could easily be conducted by the use of email and the web.

So the Image Master web site was created in 1998. It started very small and has remained small so that good service can be offered at very competitive prices with good turn-around times and great customer service. We have no interest in becoming the biggest photo restoration company on the web. We only want to provide good quality service at good prices to our customers. By staying small we have been able to achieve this.

Since 1998 we have helped many people in Canada and the U.S.A. with their restoration projects. We also help people archive slides and photos to digital copies on DVDs. rendering them safe from further deterioration, and making photo collections easy to access and view.

If you are looking for photo restoration in or near Winnipeg you can trust our quality of service. We take pride in the fact that some of our customers find the time to thank us for the personalized photo restoration services we offer.

Customers have also shown their satisfaction by recommending our old photo restoration services to friends and coming back with new restoration projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Should I mail my original photo or send it by email for old photo restoration services? 
A. All we need is a good scan copy to work with (300-600 dpi) so email works well. You can mail the photo to us if you don’t gave a scanner.
Q. My photo is small. Can it be printed at 8×10 with your photo restoration service? 
A. Old small photos should not be enlarge too much. 5X7 is a good size unless the photo is of very high resolution and quality. We will advise you as to the recommend print size for a particular photo. 
Q. I don’t have a scanner. What can be done?
A. If you take your photo to a local photo copy store they should be able to scan it for you. It should be scanned at 300 or 600 dpi. They could also copy it to a memory stick.
Q. If I mail my photo to you would it be safe? 
A. Yes. We work from a scanned copy and do not touch the original. Your photo would be returned undamaged. 
Q. What do I receive back? 
A. If you sent a photo by mail you receive it back along with any ordered prints. You receive a digital copy by email as well. 
If you ordered by email you will receive a digital copy by email and prints by mail if ordered.
Q. How do I place an order? 
A. Most people start by sending us an email describing the photo(s) that they wish to have restored. They usually ask about price and how long it will take to be completed. They often include a sample of the photo. 
Q. You copy photos to DVD at your photo retouching service. What is the advantage of this? 
A. Photographic prints, slides and negatives will deteriorate with age. Digital copies archived to DVD will not. Photographs stored on DVD can easily be viewed as a slid show on your computer. You can also easily distribute your entire photo collection to family members, and store a copy in a safe place such as a bank vault. 
Q. Do I get to see the finished fixed photo before payment?
A. Yes. We always send a proof by email for your approval before asking for payment.
Q. Do you serve in Winnipeg?
A. Yes.  We provide photo restoration in Winnipeg and all other locations by email.  

Contact Me

Email: Gerry@imphotorepair.com